The Importance of Himalayan Pink Salt

One of the highly pure salts available for cooking, therapeutic and cosmetic purposes goes by the name of Himalayan Pink salt (halite). Don’t be fooled by the name. It isn’t necessary for the beautifully formed salt crystals to be pink. They range from an off white to a lustrous pink color. It is obtained by mining by hand and is said to be the purest form of salt present on earth as of yet.

Himalayan Pink Salt1 Himalayan Pink Salt2

Initially, it was formed from marine fossil deposits that are more than 250 million years old, dating back to as early as the Jurassic era. This salt is very rare and has become a valuable commodity because it is harvested from the ancient sea beds. In the older ages, this salt was used by the Himalayan folk to preserve their food and all sorts of meat throughout the year. Trading of this salt happens in the valleys of Nepal and the salt is still extracted by hand even today because of tradition. After being selected, the salt is crushed again by hand, washed and dried out in the sun.

There are numerous uses of himalayan pink salt, many which are yet undiscovered by most of the people:


Consuming this salt on a regular basis provides the minerals, trace elements, and proper nutrient absorption in the body and eliminates all sorts of toxins. It also balances the body’s pH levels and therefore helps in increasing blood circulation in body.

Himalayan Pink Salt

Salt Slabs

These slabs are sold in the market to consumers for consumption. The food quality, taste and content is improved by the addition of this salt. The salt can be heated, chilled and frozen because it has a naturally high moisture content.

Salt Slabs


For bathing purposes, half a cup of salt can be added to your bath water for a soothing and refreshing bath. The soak allows your skin to relax and replenishes the nutrients and stimulates circulation. It also helps in loosening tight muscles, thus relieving any sort of pain. This detoxifying bath proves to be highly therapeutic. For a full detox session, it is recommended to add 2 cups of salt to the normal water bath.

pink salt Bathing


Soaps formed out of Himalayan pink salt are more than wonderful for the skin. These handmade soaps have all the benefits of being used on the skin and are available on numerous online websites.


Essential Oil Diffusers

There are a number of people that use salts lamps in their home as an oil diffuser. These lamps can be purchased with oils or with a portion of the lamp that is embedded in to hold the oil for diffusion.

Salt Lamps

The lamps help purify the air. Since, the salt already has many benefits, using it as a lamp allows it to dissipate into the air and soak into your skin eventually. This helps reduce stress and allergy symptoms and side effects, helps you sleep better and much more.

Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses

These glasses add flavour to your shots, refrain bacteria from growing on them and can be easily reused by being wiped clean and storing in a cool and dry place.

Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses

The benefits of himalayan pink salt are manifold, all you need to do is try using it!


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