Chocolates: A Dozen Reasons to Eat More of It!!!

Chocolate is considered to be the ultimate comfort food by all. The goodness of chocolate along with the mouthwatering taste makes it hard for people to resist. Chocolate is sold worldwide by different brands and in different forms and is also used to make various kinds of delicious desserts and confectionaries.

Hence, sending chocolates by post to a loved one or buying chocolates for yourself is an activity we all love to indulge in once in a while. Chocolate is not only delightful to eat but it also provides health benefits over other sweet candies.


Chocolate is made from cocoa beans and is rich in anti-oxidants; along with that here are a dozen of reasons why you should keep munching on chocolates every once in a while.

  1. 1. Reduced stroke risk-

A Swedish study has found that one can reduce the chance of having a stroke by 20 percent by just having a weekly consumption of more than 45 grams of chocolate. They are rich in flavonoids which are anti oxidants thus preventing strokes.

  1. Reduced heart attack risk-

More studies show that chocolate prevents blood clotting as blood platelets clump more slowly in those who frequently ate chocolates. This diminishes the risk of having a heart attack.

  1. Reduced blood inflammation-

It has also been found that eating one dark chocolate weekly can lessen inflammation of blood by keeping away the culprit proteins.

  1. Any problem with math? Chocolates to the rescue!

British psychologists found that the presence of flavones in chocolates helped persons with their mental math. The study had subjects trying to count backwards from a randomly generated number between 800 and 999 and found that drinking a cup of hot chocolate put the subjects at an advantage. So, have a piece of chocolate to ace your math test.

  1. Averts cancer-

The presence of increased levels of anti-oxidants in chocolate has been shown to prevent the types of free radicals’ damage that have been associated with cancer development.

  1. Reduced diabetes risk-

It has been seen that eating chocolate surges insulin sensitivity thus reducing diabetes risk with age.

  1. For skin glow-

According to a German research, flavonoids present in dark chocolate shield the skin cells from the harmful UV rays produced by the sun by delaying the setting of the sunburn effect.

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  1. Coughing? Forget the throat lozenges and have some chocolate-

Having coughing fits are common and the only solution to stop them seems to be those throat lozenges of weird tastes. Not anymore! Chocolates contain theobromine which reduces the activity of the vagus nerve responsible for triggering fits of coughing.

  1. Improves flow of blood-

In a study by Harvard scientists, it was found that blood flow through the brain increased after a enhanced consumption of chocolates for a fortnight.

  1. Protect your brain with chocolates-

In a study, it was found that dark chocolate acts as a shield for the brain cells. A compound found in chocolates called Epicatechin protects the brain cells from damage that could be caused by a stroke.

  1. Averts weight gain-

Dark chocolates are actually quite heavy, and hence, they result in decreasing your craving for other kinds of food.

  1. Instantaneous mood-lifter:

Chocolate increases the level of happiness hormones Dopamine and Serotoninthat improve your mood instantly.

So, don’t hesitate a bit before ordering your favorite chocolates online as it doesn’t only taste great but is also good for your body and mind.



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