The Milky chocolate, Way to Health

Milk chocolate is basically the resultant product when cocoa seeds are mixed with sugar, and then, added and mixed with milk powder or condensed milk. Milk has always been an obvious nutritional choice for kids. And when it comes to milk chocolate, there can be no greater news than hearing that milk chocolate too has its own health benefits. The consumption of milk chocolates in moderate amount can add positively in various ways to our health.

Milky Way to Health

Many receive chocolates by post or sent directly as gifts from near and dear ones and are doubtful of the consumption of the famous ‘fattening’ product. Well, there is less to worry about now as milk chocolate has been found out to have positive benefits too. It is known to protect the heart from various cardiovascular diseases. Milk chocolate also reduces the chances of heart strokes. The various flavanols and anti-oxidants present in chocolates are the reason behind these positiveeffects.

Milk chocolate is known to stimulate the brain. It boosts the brain and its functions and hence leads to a more functional and healthier brain.The flavanols and other antioxidants present in the chocolate helps the brain against diseases like dementia and loss of memory.

Milk chocolate can be used as a supplement in various recipes to add to not just the taste but also the health quotient of the food. Milk chocolate has also proven to slow signs of ageing. The antioxidants in the chocolate also helps the body stay away from arthritis and joint pains that bother the human body in old age. Eating milk chocolate lessens the pain in joints and gives relief to the patient.

Another effect that milk chocolate has on our body is that it activates the natural process of detoxification in our body. This happens due to the anti-oxidant called epicatechin present in our body. The activation helps the body get rid of colds and coughs. Breaking the myth of chocolate harming the teeth, chocolate actually works against tooth decay. Theobromine, an anti-oxidant present in milk chocolate, helps prevent the erosion of teeth by hardening the enamel. This effect of theobromine has been proved to be more effective than fluoride. Hence, in many cases, dentists actually recommend eating milk chocolate after a meal. This is because milk chocolate contains a lesser amount of sugar than an apple and also contains fluoride -both of which prevent tooth decay.

The cocoa present in milk chocolate also contains substances that fight against the bacteria in teeth and protects oral bacteria from harming the teeth. Milk Chocolate is also known to be good for the figure, skin and hair. It boosts hair growth and also prevents loss of hair. They are also known to contribute to a good figure and attractive body as they speed up the process of metabolism in the human body. The flavanoids in the chocolate stimulate blood flow which consequently helps in removing the harmful radicals from the body which could cause diseases.

So the next time you think of buying some exotic milk chocolates online or at the store, for yourself or somebody else, you can be rest assured and safe about your choice.


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