Life of a Yoga Teacher

A life is less ordinary, more glamorous and very exciting to live. Yoga teacher is not the one who is made of just with a degree; they are the one who are the real powerhouse of energy, a stream of optimism and result of very hard work and patience.
A yoga teacher experience a very different life day to day, it may look quite attractive but, also have lots of difficulties and sacrifices made to achieve this goal.

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  • A job of complete Honour

Being a teacher is always a service to humanity. In our values we consider teacher above all. The same goes for a yoga teacher. Guiding a group of people including children, adults through hard work, is a job of utmost satisfaction. Yoga creates a great impact on mind and body and helps us to recover from anything.

  • A Tough Schedule

A yoga teacher is an example of sheer hard work and discipline. Certainly, they have to follow a very tight schedule like early rise in morning, most probably before sunrise to nurture body, a tight busy schedule with self practice, further to give classes, also a very controlled and hygienic diet. Sometimes, it is difficult to control for us to not eat sweet or drink beverage or have some spicy food, but a yoga teacher have to sacrifice it once and for all.

  • To Work on Differently-Able

As teacher everybody wants a bunch of good and very talented students, who have the capability, just need good guidance. On the other hand there are few who don’t have capability, lack energy but the only thing they have is will power. They are the one who actually need yoga more than young ones. A yoga teacher trains them, they motivate them, modify different poses according to them, try to increase their strength, dealing with their limitations. But, at last when these people start progressing and getting heal, it feels that it is an achievement of many saintly work.

  • Not for Money Actually

It is very hard to absorb that a yoga teacher does not only work to earn money. The fact is that they love to do yoga, they love to service for mankind. It’s not that they do the service for free, they get money but not as much you really think especially a common yoga teacher. There real aim is to heal people, make them healthy for a prosperous society and locality.

After having a close look of a yoga teacher, if you would like to pursue this, there are many Yoga Teacher Training centres, where you can learn skill and further spread this pious service to others.

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