Suggestions for Ayurvedic Treatment of Depression

Depression is a mental disorder that not only affects emotional stability and the ability to think clearly or concentrate, but also affects appetite and sleep patterns, gradually taking a toll on the general health as well.  Ayurveda, though not scientifically recognized, has helped treat depression in a natural and safe manner.

While it very much possible to snap out of depression without signing up for treatment by simply adopting tried and tested solutions based on Ayurvedic principles,  severe cases best benefit from expert diagnosis and treatment by experienced Ayurveda physicians. Opting for Ayurveda treatment in Kerala is ideal as the authentic treatment centers in the State have special clearance from the Kerala Government. Ayurveda massage and treatment facilities are present the world over, however it is important to ascertain the authenticity of the unit and its staff before undergoing treatment.

According to Ayurveda, imbalances in the three vital elements or Doshas (Vada, Pitta and Kapha) of the body are the reason behind all ailments, including depression. The imbalance has an adverse effect on the nervous system, affecting the routine functions. External factors simply add to these innate causes.

Depression caused by the imbalance of each specific element (Vada, Pitta and Kapha), is suitably addressed by making dietary and lifestyle changes, yoga and meditation plus appropriate treatments to restore balance.

Mild depressions can be tackled by keeping the mind and body active. Practice of meditation and Yoga, walking or Jogging in the early mornings, and more importantly switching to mild vegetarian diet (preferably fresh organic produce), and the use of Amla, ginger (dry or fresh), black pepper, cumin, turmeric, coriander as needed is bound to refresh the body and mind and restore normalcy in a natural way.

It is possible to fight the blues away by following these few simple rules; however those in need of emotional support and counselling will benefit from holistic Ayurveda treatment provided by authentic and experienced physicians. Chances of re-occurrence of depression reportedly are fairly slim once treated using Ayurvedic principles. Post-treatment advice must be strictly followed to sustain the benefits.

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