Why Choosing the Right Time for Tummy Tuck Matters

If you’ve taken the decision of getting a Tummy tuck surgery, then you might already be eager for getting the date scheduled for a smoother flat stomach. But just like for any other surgery, a bit of planning, understanding, and research is required so your tummy tuck procedure can help your achieve maximum results.

The things you need to consider before taking the procedure are as follows:

Let Your Family be Complete First

Most women opt for a tummy tuck in Atlanta following pregnancy, in order to achieve a pre-baby body back. Surgeons at Crispin Plastic Surgery Center generally suggest that, if you’re planning for more kids then its better waiting to complete your family before taking the surgery. Doing this, you will eliminate the chances of an additional surgery and going through the same suffering again.

Reach Your weight Loss Goals First

Another important step before taking tummy tuck procedure is to reach the ideal weight or come as close as to reaching the weight you desire before. Patients are generally advised for loosing 10 to 15 pounds before getting tummy tuck surgery. When you lose so much weight, your skin becomes lose and a surgery at this time can help remove as much skin as possible.

You should also know that getting down to your ideal weight is not a hard and fast rule here, as your skin also weighs some pounds. The remaining weight can shed off with exercise after the surgical procedure. Sometimes, what becomes more difficult for patients who work hard to lose weight before the surgery is to keep the weight stable.

You should however continue losing weight, unless you reach a desire level and only then seek advice from a board certified plastic surgeon. Whenever, you step forward for Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck surgery you should be in your best shape, and in case you think you need to lose another 30 pounds then delay the procedure until you reach the goal. Being at the best weight ensures even better results from the procedure.

In routine the patients that visit the center are still seen in urge of losing more weight. However, they should try understanding this that there’s a certain amount of weight that is still attached to the lose skin and that can only be removed with removal of the skin. If you don’t lose weight prior to the surgery and get a tummy tuck and proceed after that for losing weight, then the little excess skin and soft tissue will re-develop. While a small amount of weight loss after the procedure is reasonable.

You should by all means achieve your weight loss goals and maintain it for a few months before the surgery. Despite the similarity of procedure, every individual is different and the surgeon will evaluate your body for determining the realistic schedule for your surgery. The goal for any surgical procedure is to make you look best and have long lasting results, therefore its best advised by the surgeons to reach specific point of weight loss before a final point.

Weight Loss Prior to Tummy Tuck Procedure – The excess skin remains are always difficult to target and to live with. Patients lose hope on that last bit of the skin hanging in, but what’s more important is that you get to the weight that you can maintain rather than jump up and down. Crash diets are not worth the effort, because whatever will be lost will be back soon. Tummy tuck surgery however gives that feel of immediate weight loss and as soon as you reach the recovery position, you lose more weight.

Patients generally set so low weight loss goals that they sometimes fail all together in reaching them. And if they do achieve the set goals, they will gain back double the weight they lost after the surgery. So, the main rule of success here is to lose your weight prior to tummy tuck procedure and then get operated – even after the surgery, maintain the weight you lost. This is important for yourself and for your surgeon.

Think Well About the Schedule before Taking the Procedure

Since Tummy tuck surgery will be like any other surgical procedure, therefore you will need a good time for healing and recovering from the incisions and process. Do work around with your schedule before fixing a date for the procedure. You will need some time off from work, your household routine, and from even the movement that you practice in general.

Make sure you have chosen the right time of the year where you can rest and relax, instead of worrying about getting back to some tasks you left pending. Ensure you arrange a partner, family member, or a friend for taking care of you in the first few days since you will find it impossible to move. It’s important you do the planning before proceeding with the surgery.



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