Is Vaginal Birth or a Caesarean Birth a better option?

If there is no form of complications with labour or pregnancy, then on all counts vaginal birth is safer than caesarean birth. This is true for the current pregnancy along with other future pregnancies as complications tend to more common with C section deliveries. For future fertility a vaginal birth is a better bet.

All operations carry a certain level of risk. Why is it called a Caesarean as it involves a major surgery in the tummy and the pelvic area, the sad part is that re admissions into hospital do happen. But serious complications are rarer for a C section delivery if it is planned and if you happen to be fit and healthy. In certain cases, a delivery of this type may be needed to save the life of a mother and the baby. This happens to be the safest option if labour is induced, and still not progressing then C section is the only option to be considered.

At a certain point of time the decision is not that clear cut. So the onus is on you and the doctor, to weigh up the benefits along with risks of a C section delivery and then decide what is the best course of action. This could happen well before you are planning to give birth or when you are in labour as the basic facts could be of help.

The risks of a Caesarean delivery?

After the operation, you would need a pain relief and the time to recover would be longer than a vaginal birth. The pain in the wound would be there for the first few days along with discomfort in your tummy till a first few weeks after the operation when the body heals. This form of operation has a bearing on your day to day activities. Close to one tenth of women do have discomfort which lasts for a few months after the surgery.


The loss of blood will be more when you have a C section in comparison to a vaginal delivery. Most of the bleeding occurs at the time of delivery that can be easily managed by the doctor. One of the major risks of this surgery is bleeding occurring more than routine process. Heavy bleeding is uncommon and in cases you may require some form of blood transfusion. This may sound a bit tricky but you are in the correct place for quick treatment.

Blood clot

With any form of surgery, there is an increase of formation of a blood clot. This depends on the place where blood lodges and it can be life threatening as well. Your medical team will provide you with drugs to reduce its occurrence. You will be encouraged to move around as soon as possible after a C section delivery.

To conclude you would need to have an idea on How Did Caesarean sections get their name. It derived its name from Julius Caesar who has the first person to have a delivery of this type.


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