Top 6 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids

Known as piles in normal parlance the hemorrhoid is a painful condition. The area near the anus and inside the rectum can cause severe pain while one is sitting or at the time of bowel movement. One can have internal hemorrhoid orexternal one. In internalhemorrhoid, the veins in the rectum may be swollen and hence cause severe pain while moving the bowel. In the external type, there may be blood clots near the anus and experiencedbleeding while passing the stool. Usually, this situation can be controlled with some changes in food and lifestyle.

There are also some home remedies one can go for to counter the hemorrhoids. Here are a few time-tested home remedies are provided:

  1. Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that can help the skin. One can directly apply the Aloe Vera juice to the infected area. The gels and Aloe Vera liquids are readily available in the market. One can apply it any number of times and leave the area. In case one is allergic to Aloe Vera he should avoid this remedy.
  2. Wipes: There are various wipes available in the market with gel already applied on them. The tissues can aggravate hemorrhoid and hence it is better to use such wipes which can help to relieve the pain. However, one must use the wipe on which there is no perfume or alcohol is spread else the use of the same can aggravate hemorrhoid and increase the pain.
  3. Warm bath: A warm bath can help soothe the skin and relieve pain. Particularly in the case ofan externalhemorrhoid, this remedy can be of much help. To have more relief one can add a teaspoonful Epsom salt in the warm water and sit in the tub filled with this water. This will help to relieve faster and also reduce the swelling.
  4. Ice pack: The cold treatment or application of ice pack can help one cure the hemorrhoids faster. Those who have to sit for a longer period, this remedy can be much helpful. It is to be understood that even if one uses this remedy for more times, there can be no side effects at all.
  5. Witch Hazel: Witch Hazel is readily available in themarket. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and hence can help get over the pain and itching which are two prime troubles caused by hemorrhoids. One can also get it in gel form from the market and apply the same to the affected area directly. It can help reduce swelling and hence during bowel movement also one does not need to suffer from any pain.
  6. Ointments: There are also numerous over the counter ointments available in the market that can help one ease the pain and get rid of theswelling. One just needs to apply the ointment directly to the area, and in a few minutes, they start working which can help one relief and relax.

However, if the bleeding is persistent and one does not get relief from any of the above remedies one must see the doctor immediately.


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