Limit side effects with effective dosage of Dianabol

Dianabol shortly called D-Bol is considered as the king of steroids since its development in 1956. It is one of the most popular steroids of all times and has been widely used by bodybuilders and athletes to increase hypertrophy and performance. As a lot of people prefer to use Dianabol, one of the most common questions asked by many steroid users today is where we can avail Dianabol legally? The answer to this question would be, it depends on your location and on steroid laws at that particular place. However, some versions of Dianabol are illegal and have been banned due to the harmful and dangerous side effects that Dianabol causes. In some countries like New Zealand, you can buy Dianabol legally, only if you have a prescription from your doctor.

For the harmful effects that Dianabol causes on liver functioning, it is illegal in most of the countries and has been banned in most sports organizations. Even in New Zealand, it is strictly banned for fitness buffs. Apart from side effects, Dianabol has many benefits as well. It is mainly used by individuals for muscle growth and for enhancing strength and performance. This anabolic steroid works by increasing nitrogen retention which in turn results in hypertrophy. The usage of this steroid reduces fatigue and increases free testosterone. It boosts blood flow to the muscles. In spite of all these benefits, the main drawback of Dianabol is definitely its side effects. If there were no such severe side effects of using Dianabol, then most of the fitness freaks would probably be using Dianabol right now.

The most common side effects that are caused by Dianabol, include gynecomastia, oily skin, water retention, acne and it decreases the ability to produce testosterone. If the dosage of Dianabol is taken in high quantity, then it increases the possibility of more serious side effects. The side effects caused by Dianabol are also individually based and not all people experience the same side effects as it depends on the experience and tolerance of the user. Dianabol, when taken in high doses, will make you retain more sodium and fluid in the body that results in an increased blood pressure. This High blood pressure, in turn, can cause fatal effects such as heart attack, stroke, chest pain, fatigue, irregular heartbeats and in the worst case, it can also cause death. If you are already suffering from high blood pressure, then you should stay away from Dianabol. The androgenic effect of this steroid leads sebaceous glands of the skin to produce more oil which in turn causes acne.

In men, it mainly causes male pattern baldness. Along with high doses, if it is taken for an extended period, then it can cause liver damage. It also leads to symptoms such as dark urine, nausea, loss of appetite, itching, and jaundice. It even causes liver cancer. Testosterone is the main hormone that is responsible for muscle growth in men and for male characteristics. Long-term use of this Dianabol can kill the cells in the body that produce testosterone. The minimum dosage level varies for beginners and for experienced users.


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