Stevia: Engage in guilt-free indulgence

Stevia is said to have become a popular word in today’s sweetener market. This is because of its having negligible calorie content and intense sweetness. Consumers these days have been trying to seek the very best that their money can fetch, combining both well-being and indulgence. It is this consumption pattern which has been making stevia to be a popular product across the globe with time.

A wonderful sugar substitute

There are many who simply cannot think of living without satisfying their cravings for sweet food. But those who are health conscious or suffer from diabetes or obesity have to look out for ways and means to indulge in sugary food, but without harming their health. The sugar substitute is regarded to be a food additive which helps to impart sweet taste such as table sugar (sucrose). But it does not offer the user with any significant food calories / energy which is otherwise provided by sucrose. There are some natural sugar substitutes available easily, while others are synthetically produced.

Stevia – an excellent guilt free natural sweetener

If the person has cravings for sweet, then he can always look up to finding products offered by the best stevia suppliers in India. Stevia is regarded to be among the most popular, zero glycaemic index sweetener having sweet taste which is more than 200 to 350 times than sugar, is of low calorie and completely natural. It is extracted from stevia rebaudiana, a plant from whose leaves it is extract. This plant belongs to the Asteraceae family and native to South America’s Paraguay country. It is also found in other sub-tropical and tropical locations. Leaves of stevia are being used by South America’s Guarani natives for centuries as traditional sweetener.

What are the secrets behind stevia’s natural sweetness?

Two compounds are present in stevia, which are considered to be responsible for its sweetness like rebaudioside A and stevioside. Stevia’s modern usage involves primarily stevia based sweeteners.

There are synthetic sweeteners like aspartame, acesulfame-K, saccharin, sucralose and neotame. Although they have been approved by the FDA, there have been some controversies looming it for their causing ill effects. As a matter of fact, some scientific studies conducted have shown them to be potent neuro toxins that impair central regular functioning of the human nervous system.

Even though, several types of natural sweeteners can be found in the market like yacon syrup, xylitol and erythritol, studies have revealed that stevia is a natural ingredient and the preferred sweetener for everyone. Conclusive evidence also has been found on its role towards reducing blood sugar levels among diabetics and lowering down of blood sugar levels. It also comprises of a chemical compound called steviol glycosides that is responsible for the leaves sweet taste. Although crude stevia and stevia leaf extracts are not recognized generally as safe (GRAS) and still pending for approval for FDA to be used in food, GRAS status of particular high purity steviol glycosides have not been questioned by the FDA to be used in food.


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