Top 5 Procedures To Help You Gain That Summer Glow

The heat of the summer season is harsh on every delicate skin. Not only does the unbearable humidity cause perspiration on your face, but stimulates excess oil production thereby creating menace of acne. No wonder this season spikes up the demand for acne & rosacea peels amongst the youngsters.

Since there is no control over the weather’s play, you have to find ways regarding how to protect your skin for the upcoming summer. If you have been searching for such relevant tips and procedures, then this article is apt for you. It has brought for you the top five procedures that will help you gain naturally flawless glow.

Toning your skin

For maintaining the vitality of your skin this summer, toning is a crucial skin care practice that you cannot miss out. A quality toner cleanses the skin and controls oil generation. You must make sure that the T-zone of your face gets maximum toning since it turns extremely oily due to heat and sweat.

Mandatory sunscreen application

Nobody forgets the significance of sunscreen during summers. Its application shields your skin against UV exposure thereby preventing the occurrence of any wrinkles, sunburn, premature ageing signs. It, rather, leaves your skin healthy, soft and full of radiance in the face of scorching temperature.

Essential exfoliation

This skin care procedure is meant for every skin type. People with oily and acne skin types are often misguided that exfoliation will do their skin no good. However, gentle exfoliation helps you to get rid of accumulated dirt which lends shine to your skin surface. You can try acne & rosacea peels that are effective yet non-abrasive on sensitive skin type. Another point to bear in mind is that over exfoliation should be avoided at all cost since it damages instead of repairing the skin.

Moisturising in summers

It is a myth that summers are not the time for skin moisturising. Rather, the lack of it can cause undesirable breakouts. For maintaining healthy looking skin, application of moisturiser is desirable all throughout the year. You can definitely go for light moisturisers that are both light-weight and non-greasy and thus perfect for the season of scorching heat.

Easy and light makeup

Choose minimal makeup for the summer months. Application of tons of makeup will not let your skin breathe in the humidity. Therefore, it is better if you stick to SPF loaded moisturiser along with slight touches of face powder. And replace lipsticks with tinted balms to keep your lips hydrated.

Summer is a difficult season for your skin to cope with. However, with proper care and procedures, you can still stand out with your flawless looks to cast a spell on the onlookers.


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